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How To Check Cibil Score For Free Using A Pan Card

CIBIL score is an important factor in a person’s ability to be approved for loans and credit cards. It is an evaluation of a person’s creditworthiness, and it helps lenders decide whether they should provide the loan to the applicant and if the loan is likely to be paid back. 

It’s easy to do CIBIL score check free using your PAN card. Banking and other financial institutions use credit scores to assess a customer’s creditworthiness and the likelihood that they will be able to pay their debt. 

If a person’s credit score is low, it means they are considered high risk for the lender and the chances of them defaulting on the loan are greater. On the other hand, if a person has a good or high credit score, they will have an easier time getting a loan or credit card at a lower interest rate. 

When applying for a mortgage or credit card, your CIBIL Score is one of the most important factors. Your credit score illustrates the stability of your financial situation. Banks use this information to determine whether you are creditworthy based on how you manage your funds and whether you are a good credit risk. 

Check CIBIL Score for free using a PAN card 

Bajaj Finserv is a financial services company that offers a free CIBIL score check for customers using their PAN card. To check your CIBIL score for free on Bajaj Finserv’s website, you will need to follow these steps:  

  • Visit the Bajaj Finserv website and click the “Get your CIBIL Score” link.
  • Share your Personal details such as PAN Card, Name, Mobile number, PIN Code, Date of Birth etc. 
  • Accept the Terms and conditions
  • Click on the “Submit” button to view your CIBIL score.

It’s important to remember that checking your CIBIL score too frequently may lower your score, so it’s recommended to check it only when necessary.

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